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Fencing Mask FIE 1600N

Version 3.0

Competition model, certified by the FIE with the highest resistance level.. It opens the way to international fencing and HEMA tournaments

  • Certified for the requirements of the FIE - level 2
  • Bib and fabric resistant to 1600N
  • New strap system
  • Inner padding can be wash in machine
  • Available in 5 sizes
Price €149.00

Full Mask-overlay Trinity

Integral padded protection for the mask to reduce shock and protect the back of the head and on the shoulders

  • Extended protection to shoulders and collarbones
  • Protective shell in the larynx against thrusts
  • Size XL fits all FAITS D’ARMES  masks
Price €89.00

Wooden staff - round

Version 2.0

This ash wood handle is perfect for constituting a pole weapon. With a length of 180 cm, both ends become thinner for better grip of rubber parts

Perfect fit with :

  • Purpleheart spear tip
  • Purpleheart Hammer head
  • Purpleheart tip
  • Purpleheart roundel
  • Cold Steel spear head
  • Long spear head
Price €39.00

"Black Fencer" Federscwhert

Version 4

Inspired by the popular Federschwert from the Johachim Meyer fencing treatise from 1570, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to the weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a steel sword.

  • Stainless steel guard and pommel
  • 1 year warranty
Price €95.00

Wooden staff - square

Version 2.0

This wooden ash handle is perfect for constituting a pole weapon. With a length of 180 cm, the edges have been planed for a better grip.

Perfect fit with :

  • Polehammer rubber head
  • Poleaxe rubber head
  • Coronel rubber Tip

Price €39.00

Tactical Shin Guards

Version 2.0

A lightweight solution to protect your legs while ensuring excellent mobility. Similar to the ones used in the military field

  • Hard plastic protections for the knee and shin
  • Easily adjustable thanks to the velcro straps
  • High density foam for shock absorption

Unique size / Sold by pair

Price €45.00

Elbow protectors SPES

Elbow protectors are an extension of the SPES forearm protector. Thanks to these, you may extend the forearm protector into the full version at any time also with elbow protection.

  • Simple mounting with Velcro and elastic tape
  • Compatible with forearm guard
  • Price for a pair
Price €29.00

Fencing Socks - Black

Modern fencing socks, made of high quality cotton, perfectly suitable for historical fencing training.

  • shin-bone enhancement for protection against hits
  • sole enhancement for comfortable wearing
  • special ribbing on feet over the ankle and below the knee for keeping in a place
  • special perforation for air circulation
  • seamless design for comfortable wearing
  • Price for a pair
Price €19.00

Tactical protective short

This protective short offers optimal safety from the pelvis to the thighs, without compromising on mobility.

Recommended for sparring and steel competition

  • Fits all sizes thanks to adjustable straps and plastic buckles (waist size from 80 to 105cm )
  • Easy to put on in less than 5 sec
  • The groin-guard may come off if you already have one
Price €54.00

Traditional Buckler

This buckler is directly inspired by the famous I.33 codex.. Lightweight and easy to handle, it is the perfect tool for working sword & buckler techniques associated with a steel or synthetic sword

  • Very handy with its large handle
  • Sufficient space to wear a glove
  • Leather protection on the edge to protect the wood

Also available in a “Premium” version on which the nails have been replaced by a hand sewing with waxed linen thread

Price €75.00

Standard Feder "Regenyei"

Forged by Péter Regenyei, this tool has the ideal measures and optimum balance. With its semi-rigid blade, it is suitable for any type of practice as well as international competitions.

  • “Strong” blade: the only one suitable for competition and which never breaks.
  • Folded tip for more safety when thrusting
  • Designed according to historical sources
  • 1 year warranty
Price €289.00

Foam training spear

Spear training has never been so pleasant thanks to this synthetic spear model covered with a thick layer of foam and very resistant fabric.

  • Composite construction that increases the mechanical strength of the blade.
  • Can be dismantled for easy transport
  • Perfect for safe training
Price €85.00
  • New

Two handed foam sword V2

Version 2.0

Improved version of the foam sword with a flat blade that allows a clear distinction of the sharp edges and makes sword fight more realistic.

  • New composite construction that increases the mechanical strength of the blade.
  • Perfect for safe training
  • Plastic cross guard covered with rubber
Price €65.00
  • New

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