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Partnership program for clubs

Why Become a FAITS D'ARMES Partner?

Since 2015, "Faits d'Armes" has been proud to support the historical martial arts community through its exclusive partnership program, designed specifically for sports clubs and associations worldwide that contribute to the growth and development of Historical Martial Arts.

Exclusive Benefits:

By becoming a partner, your association will be granted a unique promotional code, offering all its members advantageous discounts and rewarding your club's loyalty.

There are two levels of partnership, 'Partner' and 'Partner+', each offering unique benefits and conditions to best meet your needs.

Partner Partner+
Discount -5% -10%
Conditions No condition
  • Own a dedicated website
  • Create a link to the shop

Discounts that Grow with Your club: :

Initially set at 5% during your first year of partnership, the discount increases with each anniversary, reaching a maximum of 10% after 5 years.

One code for all :

Have you ever experienced the organizational challenge of club group orders? That's why we opted for a promo code specific to your club, usable by all your members without a minimum purchase. Each of your members can place their order individually and benefit from the negotiated club discount.

Enhanced Visibility for Your Club:

Each registered partner club benefits from a dedicated page on the Faits d'Armes website to showcase its club. This improves your online visibility and helps potential practitioners find you and learn useful information about your association.

What are the Requirements?

To ensure a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration with "Faits d'Armes", we've limited the access conditions to only what's strictly necessary.

Be a Sports Club Associated with Historical Martial Arts:

Your organization must clearly present itself as a club dedicated either partially or entirely to the study of martial arts. This representation should be visible in your communication materials, such as your website, brochures, or any other promotional material.

Link Exchange (Optional) :

To achieve the 'Partner+' status, it's necessary to own a dedicated website and incorporate a direct link to our site. This link can be effectively placed in sections such as 'Partners' or 'Resources'. This exchange improves our web ranking, thus enhancing our mutual visibility. 

How to Register?

1. Complete the Partnership Form

Becoming a partner with "Faits d'Armes" is a straightforward process, designed to take no more than 5 minutes of your time. All it requires is for a representative member of the association to fill out the membership form. This document gathers essential information about your association and provides a deeper understanding of your commitment to martial arts.


2. Add a FAITS D'ARMES banner on your website (Optional) :

To facilitate this integration, we provide a Partnership Kit containing sample code and tailored visuals.


3. Partnership Validation:

Following your registration, we will proceed with a verification to ensure that the primary conditions are met, particularly concerning your association's relationship with historical martial arts and the link exchange. If everything is in order, the partnership will be officially validated. You will then receive a confirmation email, accompanied by your exclusive promotional code.

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