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Mask for HEMA & Historical Fencing


In the practice of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), fencing masks are far more than just accessories. They are an essential piece of safety equipment.

These masks, specially designed for fencing and HEMA, provide optimal head protection, ensuring your safety during intense combat sessions. Our fencing masks have been carefully crafted to withstand the impact of swords, guaranteeing maximum protection against potential injuries. They are an indispensable element for anyone practicing medieval fencing, prioritizing both safety and comfort.

However, for activities such as behourd or more engaged combat, a combat helmet could be an interesting alternative. The helmet offers all-around 360° protection, and its open visor allows excellent ventilation, making it comfortable to wear even during prolonged sessions.

With us, quality and price are inseparable. We are committed to providing you with fencing masks and combat helmets of the highest quality at competitive prices. We firmly believe that every HEMA practitioner should have access to affordable protective equipment without compromising safety.

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