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Sidesword for HEMA / WMA


The sidesword comes from XV-XVI century Italy, where it was called "Spada da Lato". It is a transition from the short sword to the rapier. Its blade is refined and additional protections like Ricasso and sometimes a protection ring complete the guard.


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Sidesword "Kvetun"

The ideal weapon for studying the Bolognese one-handed sword tradition.

This sword demanded all the mastery of Kvetun Armory, which took inspiration from the last works of the Bolognese fencing masters.

  • Leather covered handle
  • Rolled tip for more safety when thrusting
  • 1 year warranty

Price €270.83

Sidesword "Regenyei"

Available with or without protective ring

An accurate reproduction of the XVI century Sidesword or Sapda da lato, Firenze style.

  •  “Strong” blade: the only one suitable for competition and which never breaks.
  • Folded tip for more safety when thrusting
  • Designed according to historical sources
  • 1 year warranty

Price €290.83
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