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Saber for HEMA / WMA


The saber is a one-handed sword that can be used both for cut and  thrust. Its blade is generally curved to accentuate the effectiveness of the cuts. Its particularity is to have only one cutting edge unlike the classic swords which are double-edged. In Europe it was mainly used in the army from the XVII century,  by the infantry as well as by the cavalry and the officers.


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"Black Fencer" Saber

Infantry saber - Version 4

Polish saber from s. XVII. Best quality construction for hard training, very nice balance and flexibility for a great cut and thrust fencing, maintaining the safety of the nylon material, so we can practice Historical Fencing with full force and intent, with minimal body protection.

  • Stainless steel guard and pommel
  • 1 year warranty

Price €82.50

Sabre “Krieger”

This saber has been designed for HEMA fighting by Krieger Historical Weapons. Light and resistant, it will accompany you in your regular training sessions as well as in competition.

  • Indestructible synthetic handle
  • Large guard, compatible with most of the gloves on the market
  • Folded point for more safety
  • 1 year warranty

Price €249.17
  • New

Easton Sabre "Kvetun"

Model Easton MARK III

Available with backstrap

This typical Victorian-era military saber was designed on historical models to best reproduce the size, weight, and balance of period weapons. It is the culmination of a long process of development and testing by Matt Easton and Schola Gladiatoria.

  • Slightly curved blade (#2)
  • Leather handle
  •  Rolled tip for better safety
  • 1 year warranty
Price €332.50

Foam Sabre

Version 2.0

Perfectly secure, this foam sword with curved blade and basket hilt is perfect for initiations

  • High resistance fabric
  • Perfect for safe training
  • Basket hilt covered with rubber
Price €37.50
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