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Shields and bucklers for HEMA


As a defensive weapon, the shield has been used for thousands of years and has seen extensive changes in both its form and its materials. The most common models are the buckler, the medieval shield and roman scutum also used by gladiators.


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Traditionnal Buckler

This buckler is directly inspired by the famous I.33 codex. Lightweight and easy to handle, it is the perfect tool for working sword & buckler techniques associated with a steel or synthetic sword

  • Very handy with its large handle
  • Sufficient space to wear a glove
  • Leather protection on the edge to protect the wood
Price €79.17

Viking round shield

This large round shield is ideal for practicing Viking fighting techniques. A  lightweight, handy defensive weapon

  • 70cm in diameter for 3.3kg
  • Steel umbo
  • Light and handy
  • Covered with glued linen that can be painted
  • Leather protection on the edge to protect the wood

Price €145.83

Steel Umbo

2mm thick Steel boss shield. Ideal for making a medieval buckler or a Viking round  shield. The curved shape allows a comfortable grip even with protective gloves.

  • 2mm thick steel
  • 6 pre-drilled holes
  • Rivets are provided
  • Weight : 600 g
  • Diameter : 19 cm
Price €24.17
  • New
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