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Head protections for HEMA / WMA

Head protection

The head is the first body part to protect when practicing Historical European Martial Arts. Fencing masks provide good protection which you can complete with a mask overlay and gorget.

Head protection

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Fencing Mask FIE 1600N

Version 3.0

Competition model, certified by the FIE with the highest resistance level.. It opens the way to international fencing and HEMA tournaments

  • Certified for the requirements of the FIE - level 2
  • Bib and fabric resistant to 1600N
  • New strap system
  • Inner padding can be wash in machine
  • Available in 5 sizes
Price €149.00

Tactical Shoulder guard

These synthetic spaulders effectively protect the shoulders and collarbones against violent shocks

  • Velcro fastening for the neck and elastic straps for the arms
  • The shape of the neck helps to stop thrusting blows
  • Compatible with the tactical chest guard
Price €59.00

Full Mask-overlay Trinity

Integral padded protection for the mask to reduce shock and protect the back of the head and on the shoulders

  • Extended protection to shoulders and collarbones
  • Protective shell in the larynx against thrusts
  • Size XL fits all FAITS D’ARMES  masks
Price €89.00

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