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Mask-overlay PBT

Padded protection for the mask to reduce shock and protect the back of the head.

  • One size to fit all the masks
  • Holes at the level of the ears for a better hearing
  • 6mm thick padding in the back
  • Strong leather covering
  • Fits all FAITS D’ARMES fencing masks sizes

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PBT Historical Fencing
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Integrated fencing mask overlay with occipital protector is a great combination of protection against quick tear and wear of the mask with back of the head cover from injuries during the historical fencing training.


The overlay is made of strong leather and amortization layer. Occipital protection has the filling made of 6mm thick padding foam.

The back tongue drops low enough  to protect the back of the neck.

Integrated fencing mask overlay with occipital protector is mounted onto the fencing mask and kept in place with elastic belt below the mask. Additional mounting point, made of Velcro tape, is added between occipital part and mask overlay - it helps to keep the overlay more stable on the mask. Additional tape with Velcro on the back of the overlay allows its easy removal from the mask, also keeps the occipital protector close to the back of the head to minimize risk of accidental hit.

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Outer Fabric
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