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Chest guard for HEMA / WMA

Chest protection

A suitable chest protection is recommended as soon as you do sparring. It may be a simple plastic front plate to protect from blows up to most advanced fencing jacket.

Chest protection

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Tactical Chest guard

Modern synthetic  armor used by tactical forces and riot squads. Extremely effective against frontal impacts

  • Adjustable size with  adjustable straps and plastic buckles
  • For an adult between 170cm and 190cm
  • Excellent mobility

Recommended with protective spaulders

Price €89.00

Tactical Shoulder guard

These synthetic spaulders effectively protect the shoulders and collarbones against violent shocks

  • Velcro fastening for the neck and elastic straps for the arms
  • The shape of the neck helps to stop thrusting blows
  • Compatible with the tactical chest guard
Price €59.00

Foams for AP Jacket 800N

Made of durable and flexible foam, these thin plates improve the protection level of your 800N AP Jacket


  • Fit easily into interior pockets
  • May need to be recut according to the size of your jacket
  • Compatible with the 800N model

Price €25.00
  • New

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