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Men’s ELITE Chest Protector

This is the most advanced model of rigid chest protector for men on the market.

Taking inspiration from historical pieces, the arm opening is made of movable plates that allow for great freedom of movement.

  • Movable arm opening
  • V-shaped 'Blade-Catcher' on the front" available in option
  • "Enhanced comfort due to the back support"
V-shaped blade catcher

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The ELITE version is the most refined iteration of the plastron, especially due to the implementation of historical design principles.

Instead of a single-piece bustier, this innovative model consists of a central plate and two lateral plates at the shoulder level. These three elements are ingeniously articulated, offering increased arm movement without sacrificing protection. This design allows for exceptional mobility, essential for HEMA practice, while ensuring complete and secure coverage of the chest.

Its slightly curved shape is designed to distribute the impact energy, thus reducing the force transferred directly to the body. Moreover, a V-shaped 'blade-catcher' helps to deflect the tip of the opponent's blade outward, thereby reducing the shock sensation during a thrust.

This unique bustier model has played a key role in the renown of the MAC ARMOUR brand. Its innovative design, focusing on comfort and protection, makes it a preferred choice for HEMA practitioners.

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