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About Faits D'Armes

Faits D'Armes is  specialised brand of equipment and an online shop dedicated to Historical Martial Arts: Longsword, shield, spear, gladiator, dagger,

The company was founded in 2015 by Renaud Biemans,  HEMA practitioner from the start.

Our mission since day one has been to contribute to the development of this discipline by helping practitioners to equip themselves easily with quality equipment.

What is the origin story of Faits D'Armes

Back in 2000-2010, HEMA were still in their beginings and dedicated equipment manufacturers did not yet exist. Everyone therefore equipped themselves as best they could with what they found and some remember the era of wooden Bokken, Paintball masks and welding gloves.

How to practice if you are not equipped?

From the start, the desire was clear: If we wanted HEMA to develop, everyone had to be able to equip themselves and practice with a minimum of security.

In 2010, it all started with a blog that listed the different equipment and evaluated them with regard to the needs of HEMA

In 2012, having found a fencing mask supplier, Renaud took advantage of his modest geek talents to create a first e-commerce MasqueEscrime.com offering only two references: the fencing mask with white bib (modern fencing) and the black bib fencing. The beginnings are modest and the occasional sales but the site has the merit of existing and is gradually becoming known to HEMA clubs in Europe.

The years pass and the practice develops. We are seeing the arrival of new manufacturers such as Rawlings or PBT who are developing much more specific products.

The e-commerce site grows and expands its catalog as new products arrive on the market and becomes a brand in its own right, totally dedicated to HEMA: FAITS D’ARMES

Thanks to numerous partnerships with manufacturers and an in-depth knowledge of HEMA equipment, Faits D'Armes has established itself as a reference place throughout the world. Customers know that they will always find quality equipment, expert advice and customer service they can count on.

What does “Faits D’Armes” mean ?

In the midst of the many English and sometimes generic terms, it was important for us to find a meaningful name that honored our French origins.

In French, a "fait d'armes" designates an act of bravery, a feat on the battlefield likely to mark the history and the men.

But it can also be read in a second way : "Made of arms" in the constitutive sense. In other words: Swords we wield made us who we are.

It is this double reading which connects both "who we are" and "what we do", which seduces us in this name.

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