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Longswords for HEMA / WMA


The longsword is the most common weapon in the HEMA field. Handled with both hands, it was more a dueling weapon than a defense one. Its handling was taught throughout Europe in the XV and XVI centuries.


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Swing Sword "MBlades"

Turn your home into a training hall without destroying it. The Swing sword manufactured by Mblades is back with many improvements

New model with better balance

40cm blade length (feels like 100cm)

Removable guard for easy transport

Weight 1.8kg for a balance point à 54mm from the guard

Price €104.17

Two handed foam sword V2

Version 2.0

Improved version of the foam sword with a flat blade that allows a clear distinction of the sharp edges and makes sword fight more realistic.

  • New composite construction that increases the mechanical strength of the blade.
  • Perfect for safe training
  • Plastic cross guard covered with rubber
Price €62.50
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