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Certified Protective Equipment

Welcome to our certified protective equipment category! Here you'll find a wide selection of protective gear meeting the 350N, 800N and 1600N resistance standards, to guarantee your safety while practicing your sporting activities, including martial arts and fencing.

But what exactly does this Newton (N) classification mean? The figures 350N, 800N and 1600N represent the equipment's level of puncture resistance, as tested and certified to European standards. A Newton is a unit of force in the international system, named after Sir Isaac Newton in recognition of his work on classical mechanics.

In practice, 350N certified equipment is suitable for recreational fencing and light martial arts. 800N equipment offers more robust protection, recommended for competitive fencing and other martial arts where the risk of a blow is higher. Finally, 1600N certification is generally reserved for fencing masks, offering the highest possible protection against punctures.

Explore our wide range of certified protective equipment and find the right fit for your needs, so you can practice your sport in complete safety.

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