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Accessories and Spare parts


Maintaining and repairing your equipment is essential to make it last over time. Most of the equipment sold on the site has spare parts so that you can repair and maintain them yourself


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Rubber blunt

Rubber cap useful to secure the tip of a weapon or the guard

  • Compatible with all our steel weapons tips as well as the quillons of the Black Fencer synthetic swords.
  • Inner diameter : 9 mm
Price €3.75

Meyer Square Roll-up

An educational tool imagined by Joachim Meyer that allows you to work on your dexterity and cutting sequences from different angles.

Printed on a 2m high Roll-up, it is easy to carry and will follow you in all your training sessions


Design by: Matthieu Dutheil

Regular price €100.00 -20% Price €80.00
  • -20%

Rust eraser

This abrasive sanding stone is also called "Pimpstone" and makes it possible to remove rust from your weapons  very easily.

  • Effortless rust removal 
  • Suitable for weapons and armor pieces
  • Leaves no trace
  • Grain 120 (Medium)
Price €15.83

Steel Umbo

2mm thick Steel boss shield. Ideal for making a medieval buckler or a Viking round  shield. The curved shape allows a comfortable grip even with protective gloves.

  • 2mm thick steel
  • 6 pre-drilled holes
  • Rivets are provided
  • Weight : 600 g
  • Diameter : 19 cm
Price €24.17
  • New
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