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Italian Rapier "Regenyei"

Available for Left-handed and Right-handed

An accurate reproduction of the XVIII century rapiers with an Italian style guard

  • “Strong” blade: the only one suitable for competition and which never breaks.
  • Folded tip for more safety when thrusting
  • Leather grip
  • 1 year warranty

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Regenyei Armoury
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This one-handed sword is inspired by the XVIII italian rapier and is a perfect tool for studying Renaissance fencing techniques. It was forged by Péter Regenyei who is known as one of the best swordsmiths.



The strong blade is perfect for both sparring and training. The tip is about 1cm² thereby the impact is spreaded over a larger area. It is still recommended to cover the tips with a piece of leather or rubber for "blunting" the sword".


Equipped with a guard worked in the Italian style and a handle made of wood, covered with strong black leather.

The flatted round pommel is made of solid steel. Its shape allows a good grip and its weight helps improve the balance of the sword.


Data sheet

125 cm
Blade - Length
105 cm
Blade - Base Width
2 cm
Blade - Tip Width
0.5 cm
Blade - Thickness
0.5 cm
Grip - Length
17 cm
Guard - Width
28 cm
Balance point
9 cm
Steel 51CrV4
970 g
1 year
49-51 HRC

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