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SPES Protective Tasset 800N

Additional protection for hips, thighs and crotch.

  • Level 2 - Certified 800N
  • Fastened in the back
  • Great mobility
  • One size

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This Padded Skirt Level 2 is made of 800N puncture resistance fabric. It’s a type of tasset for HEMA for those who want to eliminate the risk of bruises and abrasions on hips, thighs, and underbelly. It fits both men and women.

It has 4 pockets for extra protective foams from this set – these give users an option of changing the level of protection on their own. This HEMA gear is fastened in midsection with a belt with buckle. It is easily adjustable and thus perfect for any body shape.

This Padded Skirt does not hinder the movement and ensures maximum level of protection during HEMA training. Middle part protecting the crotch area is much longer in comparison with „VG '' model. This makes our new HEMA tasset even more responsive to the needs of users. Adjustable strap makes this product appropriate for users wearing various sizes.

Together with HEMA Plastron Level 2 it makes a perfect 800N protective HEMA clothing.


History of a tasset

Depending on needs, the tasset was made of canvas, leather, or – in the case of knights – of steel. In the medieval period it was part of plate armor, protecting the lower area of hips and crotch against hits. Historical sources also present chainmail skirts of similar properties and wide fabric, quilted belts worn together with gambesons.

Data sheet

36 cm
Diameter - Min
77 cm
Diameter - Max
116 cm
Level 2 - 800N
700 g

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