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THOKK WeaponMaster® Gauntlets 350N

WeaponMaster® Gauntlets "PRO" 

Next-gen protection: Equipped with exclusive THOKK® ScutuM® flexible composite.

This innovation combines the protection of heavy gauntlets with the comfort of lightweight gloves.

  • Reactive material that stiffens on impact.
  • Only 4mm thick 
  • 350N certified elastic fabric
  • Rigid fingertip shell
  • Compatible with the "Longsword design" overlay


Also available in 800N version

Gloves size

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The Weapons Master gloves are the result of a long research work by the designer and HEMA instructor  Dario Alberto Magnani and have been crowdfunded by the HEMA community.

The ScutuM®is an innovative composite material, resistant to impacts, that was specifically developed by the company Thokk to meet the needs of Historical Martial Arts.


"Feels like a Foam, Protects like a Plate".


Made from viscoelastic foam and special textiles, it is only 4mm thick on your fingers, providing great mobility that have n,ever been reached before with this level of protection.

When hit, the ScutuM® reacts to pressure and stiffens, offering an excellent level of protection even against steel weapons.


 Thanks to its modular approach WeaponMaster® gauntlets are suitable for all types of combat and all types of simulators

If you wish to compete in a longsword competition, an additional layer of protection can be added: the "Longsword design overlay".

Data sheet

Level 1 - 350N
1 year

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