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Dussack - improved model

Version 2

This synthetic Dussack is a perfect training and warm-up tool.

  • Improved model with leather handle and nagel
  • Absorbs shock and vibration in combat
  • Excellent balance that allows quick and dynamic actions

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The dussack is a weapon derived from the German cutlass. This single-edge sword with a curved blade was already used as a sidearm in Germany as early as the 16th century.

It is shown in Joachim Meyer’s manuscript  as a practice weapon in a training environment and we know that its use was widespread among fencing schools of the time.


This reproduction in synthetic material allows you to train like in the time of the great German fencing master with the added comfort and safety of a modern design.


Made from polyamide, this synthetic dussack is both very resistant and flexible enough to limit the risk of injury. The handle is wide enough to accommodate any type of glove, even a “Lobster Glove from SPES


This model is also improved by two additions that are important:

A synthetic leather handle that improves the grip of the weapon

A nagel that can be adapted to the right or left to make your hand less exposed to blows.


If you are looking for a durable weapon, suitable for intensive and dynamic training, this dussack will perfectly meet your needs.

Data sheet

81 cm
Blade - Length
59 cm
Grip - Length
22 cm
650 g

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