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MBlades is a Dutch company, founded by Maarten Kamphuis. A graduate of Delph University of Industrial Design, he used his skills early on to develop steel training weapons intended to develop the realistic and safe practice of historic European martial arts.

This was before the development of the steel federschwert, when we had to settle for wooden weapons or shinai for training.

Maarteen is an enthusiast who has managed to combine his two passions: that of ancient weapons to that of modern engineering.

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Swing Sword "MBlades"

Turn your home into a training hall without destroying it. The Swing sword manufactured by Mblades is back with many improvements

New model with better balance

40cm blade length (feels like 100cm)

Removable guard for easy transport

Weight 1.8kg for a balance point à 54mm from the guard

Price €125.00
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