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Training Poleaxe
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Training Poleaxe

Complete and secure poleaxe with rubber head and tip mounted on a 180 cm long wooden staff

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The Poleaxe,  is a pole weapon that developed in the 15th century. Used on the battlefield by soldiers or knights on foot, it is formidably effective against an opponent in armor, which also made it very popular in tournaments between knights.


Its constitution makes it a real Swiss army knife.

A wide blade reminiscent of the shape of an axe is used to inflict wounds on unprotected parts.

The hammer is useful to crush pieces of armor and stun the opponent

The dagger at the top can go through weaknesses in the armor such as the joints or the visor


A disc at the base of the cross, called a “Roundel” protects the hands.

This faithful reproduction of high-density rubber is ideal for making a training weapon axe.

The ash wood staff is made in France, according to our requirements.

The square shape offers better grip in the hand as they do not rotate unlike the round staff.

The edges have been planed to obtain an octagonal shape except for the both ends that have square sections of 32mm in order to fit perfectly with the rubber parts. 

Ash, frequently used for tool handles, is easy to drill and saw, and offers good impact resistance.


The rubber tip is called Coronel, because of its crown shape. 

This rubber molding effectively absorbs shock and enhances the safety of the weapon.

In addition it adapts perfectly on the square wooden handles.


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200 cm
2100 g

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