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This buckler is directly inspired by the famous I.33 codex.. Lightweight and easy to handle, it is the perfect tool for working sword & buckler techniques associated with a steel or synthetic sword

  • Very handy with its large handle
  • Sufficient space to wear a glove
  • Leather protection on the edge to protect the wood

Also available in a “Premium” version on which the nails have been replaced by a hand sewing with waxed linen thread


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The buckler is a small round shield, held tight in the fist that was used during the Middle Ages and until the Renaissance. Ineffective against throwing weapons, it was mainly used for close combat combined with a short sword.

Unlike a classic shield which is used for protection against blows, the smaller and more maneuverable shield can be used more offensively.

  1. deflect the opponent's blows
  2. Hit the opponent with the steel umbo
  3. Reduce the opposing field of vision
  4. Wedge the opponent's weapon or arms


This bocle is a model inspired by the famous I.33 treaty. Lightweight and easy to handle, it offers an excellent compromise for working with the bocle sword.

The steel "umbo" is securely riveted to a 5-layer plywood board

At the back, a handle (handle) of 3cm in ash wood ensures a good grip and facilitates the rotation of the bocle.

The edge of the shield is protected by a strip of natural leather which prevents the wood from being damaged by the edge of the sword.


Data sheet

1.2 cm
35 cm
Diameter - Inner
14 cm
1330 g

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