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List of products by brand FAITS D'ARMES

FAITS D'ARMES is a French brand that offers a complete catalog of weapons and equipment dedicated to European Historical Martial Arts. We also have designed exclusive protective gear dedicated to HEMA.

There are 51 products.

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Traditionnal Buckler

This buckler is directly inspired by the famous I.33 codex. Lightweight and easy to handle, it is the perfect tool for working sword & buckler techniques associated with a steel or synthetic sword

  • Very handy with its large handle
  • Sufficient space to wear a glove
  • Leather protection on the edge to protect the wood
Price €79.17

Fencing Mask FIE 1600N

Version 3.0

Competition model, certified by the FIE with the highest resistance level.. It opens the way to international fencing and HEMA tournaments

  • Certified for the requirements of the FIE - level 2
  • Bib and fabric resistant to 1600N
  • New strap system
  • Inner padding can be wash in machine
  • Available in 5 sizes
Price €124.17

Meyer Square Roll-up

An educational tool imagined by Joachim Meyer that allows you to work on your dexterity and cutting sequences from different angles.

Printed on a 2m high Roll-up, it is easy to carry and will follow you in all your training sessions


Design by: Matthieu Dutheil

Regular price €100.00 -20% Price €80.00
  • -20%

Rust eraser

This abrasive sanding stone is also called "Pimpstone" and makes it possible to remove rust from your weapons  very easily.

  • Effortless rust removal 
  • Suitable for weapons and armor pieces
  • Leaves no trace
  • Grain 120 (Medium)
Price €15.83

Viking round shield

This large round shield is ideal for practicing Viking fighting techniques. A  lightweight, handy defensive weapon

  • 70cm in diameter for 3.3kg
  • Steel umbo
  • Light and handy
  • Covered with glued linen that can be painted
  • Leather protection on the edge to protect the wood

Price €145.83

Wooden staff - round

Version 2.0

This ash wood handle is perfect for constituting a pole weapon. With a length of 180 cm, both ends become thinner for better grip of rubber parts

Perfect fit with :

  • Purpleheart spear tip
  • Purpleheart Hammer head
  • Purpleheart tip
  • Purpleheart roundel
  • Cold Steel spear head
  • Long spear head
Price €32.50

Wooden staff - square

Version 2.0

This wooden ash handle is perfect for constituting a pole weapon. With a length of 180 cm, the edges have been planed for a better grip.

Perfect fit with :

  • Polehammer rubber head
  • Poleaxe rubber head
  • Coronel rubber Tip

Price €32.50

Steel Umbo

2mm thick Steel boss shield. Ideal for making a medieval buckler or a Viking round  shield. The curved shape allows a comfortable grip even with protective gloves.

  • 2mm thick steel
  • 6 pre-drilled holes
  • Rivets are provided
  • Weight : 600 g
  • Diameter : 19 cm
Price €24.17
  • New

Mask upgrade 350N to 1600N

This extra charge will replaces the 350N mask in your pack with an FIE 1600N model

The 1600N mask is certified by the FIE at the highest resistance level. It will allow you to take part at international fencing and HEMA tournaments

1 upgrade bought = 1 mask upgraded

Price €58.33
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