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Arming sword Type XII

An exceptional one-handed sword, forged by Regenyei, inspired by the prestigious Oakeshott Type XIIa classification.

  • Semi-Rigid Blade: Ideal for blade work and sparring
  • Unfolded Tip for increased realism in blade contact
  • Designed based on historical sources
  • 1-Year Warranty

NB: For the sake of realism and authenticity, the tip is not folded back. Therefore, this weapon is intended for technical work in mastery and should not be used in free sparring without having first secured the tip.


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The Oakeshott typology is a classification system for medieval swords developed by historian and illustrator Ewart Oakeshott in the mid-20th century. This tool was designed to assist researchers and enthusiasts in identifying and categorizing swords based on their physical characteristics. The typology is divided into several categories, ranging from Type X to Type XXII, each defined by specific criteria such as the shape of the blade, the style of the guard, the grip, and the pommel.

Oakshott type XII Arming sword

The Type XII sword is characterized by a broader and more pointed blade, suitable for both cutting and thrusting, with a cross-shaped guard and a pommel that is generally round or slightly disc-shaped.

These elements, combined with a balance and ergonomics designed for maneuverability, make the Type XII swords iconic weapons of the medieval era, reflecting the evolution of armaments in response to changes in combat techniques and armor.

The wooden handle is approximately 16cm long and is covered with a highly resistant black leather strap.

The round pommel is made of solid steel. Its shape allows for a good grip, and its weight helps to improve the balance of the weapon.

Data sheet

92 cm
Blade - Length
75 cm
Blade - Base Width
4.6 cm
Blade - Tip Width
0.5 cm
Blade - Thickness
0.5 cm
Grip - Length
16 cm
Guard - Width
16 cm
Balance point
9.5 cm
Steel 51CrV4
1140 g
1 year
49-51 HRC
47 cm

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