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Sidesword "Kvetun"

The ideal weapon for studying the Bolognese one-handed sword tradition.

This sword demanded all the mastery of Kvetun Armory, which took inspiration from the last works of the Bolognese fencing masters.

  • Leather covered handle
  • Rolled tip for more safety when thrusting
  • 1 year warranty

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Kvetun Armoury
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The sidesword (also known as  spada da lato) is a single-handed sword used in the 16th century in Europe and more particularly in Italy


It is an evolution of the medieval shortsword whose blade lengthens and becomes thinner and which will later evolve into the rapier.


It was particularly present in Italy and more precisely studied in the region of Bologna, of which we have manuscripts of masters such as Antonio Manciolino, Vincentio Saviolo or Achille Marozzo.


This model forged by Kvetun armory is perfect for studying this Bolognese tradition and will satisfy any beginner or experienced HEMA practitioner.

Bolonese sidesword frrom marozzo

Data sheet

103 cm
Blade - Length
89 cm
Blade - Base Width
2.3 cm
Blade - Tip Width
1.5 cm
Blade - Thickness
0.5 cm
Grip - Length
9.5 cm
Guard - Width
22.5 cm
Balance point
10 cm
Steel 51CrV4
980 g
1 year
49-51 HRC

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