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Parrying Dagger "Krieger"

Parrying dagger, also known as “Main-gauche”, it is held in the weak hand in complement of a rapier or a sidesword

  • A basket that will fit all gloves.
  • Great weight distribution, POB close to hand for quick pairing.
  • Non-slip handle that allows any grip.
  • 1 year warranty
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The “Main gauche” is a parrying dagger used in the weak hand while the strong hand holds a rapier or a sidesword.

It appears from the middle of the 16th century and is mainly used for blocking opponent attacks. It can also be used for if the opportunity arises.

This model forged by Krieger Armory, is ideal for HEMA practitioners who want a blade that is rigid enough to parry but also able to bend in sparring.

The highly protective guard covers the wearer's hand and is wide enough to allow you to use most gloves on the market.

The new synthetic grip has a texture that improves grip and prevents the weapon from slipping in combat.

With a balance point 1 cm from the blade, the dagger reacts to your every move and gives you the advantage of speed in combat.

Like all Krieger weapons, this dagger comes with a 1 year warranty.

Data sheet

64 cm
Blade - Length
48 cm
Balance point
1 cm
Flexibility point
14 kg
550 g
1 year

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