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HEMA Cloak 350N

With this 350N certified HEMA cape, relive the epic adventures of historical heroes in style.

  • Leather laces in front for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Length of 110 cm, ideal for full coverage.
  • 350N puncture-resistant fabric, lighter than the original wool but just as robust.

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SPES Historical Fencing
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This cape was created following a specific request from the Rebel Fencing school. It draws direct inspiration from the thrilling narratives of Dumas' works and Spanish theater, thus offering a complete immersion into the adventures of historical heroes.

Designed to be worn by both women and men, this cloak is light and comfortable, making it an ideal addition to your training gear. Although it is particularly suited for use with a rapier or a sword, it can also be used with other light simulators.

Its shape, a segment of a circle with a black lining and a collar, adds a touch of classic elegance to your outfit. It is easily adjustable with leather laces at the front, and can be worn in different ways: on both shoulders for maximum protection, on one shoulder for a casual style, or even in hand, like a shield.

Made from 350N puncture-resistant fabric, this cloak is a modern tribute to medieval capes, offering the same majestic coverage while being much lighter than the original wool versions.

The Cape in the Art of Combat:

The cape, much more than a simple garment accessory, has played a crucial role in the art of combat throughout history. This practice originates from the combat methods of the Renaissance, where the cape, often worn over one shoulder or held in hand, was an integral part of the refined combat style of that era.

The handling of the cape was used in conjunction with a rapier to confuse the opponent, block or deflect blows, and even to wrap around the enemy's weapon.

The use of the cape in combat required great dexterity and perfect coordination with the main weapon. It was particularly effective in duels, where cunning and surprise were as important as brute force. Indeed, the cape could be used to conceal the movements of the sword, creating uncertainty and confusion for the opponent. This technique was not only practical in terms of defense but also added a touch of drama and spectacle to the duel.

This cape made by SPES is designed with this rich tradition in mind. Lightweight and maneuverable, it allows modern practitioners of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) to relive and master these ancient techniques. With its cut and fabric specially designed for flexibility and durability, it offers today's fencers the opportunity to rediscover the forgotten art of wielding the cape as a combat tool, an art that combines elegance, strategy, and skill.

Data sheet

Level 1 - 350N
50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
1600 g

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