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Rawlings Bastard sword

Most famous synthetic bastard sword waster manufactured by Red Dragon in collaboration with Dave Rawlings

  • Flexible blade for secure thrusts
  • Removable and customizable
  • The most affordable simulator
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By replacing the standard wheel pommel of the Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Sparring Arming Sword with an extended pommel, we create the Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Sparring Bastard Sword. This sword is very popular with younger students where it can be used as a longsword or arming sword trainer depending on their requirements.


The Red Dragon HEMA Synthetic Sparring Arming Sword is designed for the rigours of the HEMA salle and is practically unbreakable. Its combination of durability and value for money make it a popular choice for HEMA schools around the globe. It comes in modular form with many options for customisation and is perfect for beginners.

Our synthetic swords are also great for film and theatrical use, being cheaper and requiring a lot less maintenance than their steel or aluminium counterparts.


Data sheet

113 cm
Blade - Length
86.5 cm
Grip - Length
27 cm
Guard - Width
20 cm
Balance point
14.5 cm
Thermoplastic (TPE), Brass
700 g

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