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AP Plus HEMA Jacket 350N Women

Version 3.0 AP PLUS

Available from XS to XXL

 New major evolution of the famous Axel Pettersson protective jacket with many improvements in terms of comfort

  • Back strap
  • Double-closure
  • Mounting points for overlays
  • 350N certified
Jacket size
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In spite of its success, SPES has never rested on its laurels and has always endeavored to develop its products to better meet the specific needs of HEMA practitioners and stay ahead of the competition.


This new AP Plus iteration brings many improvements in terms of comfort and evolutivity.


The front zipper is completed by a velcro closure. This double closure system is not only more secure but also offers a longer life to the jacket as 

It puts less strain on the zipper.


A strap in the back allows you to tighten the jacket in the back and adjust it to your body shape. This makes a huge difference in combat because a well-fitted jacket will distribute the weight on the hips rather than on the shoulders and takes a lot of pressure off the upper body. 


The cut of the sleeves is specially studied to ensure an excellent mobility thanks to a wide seam at the level of the shoulders and tightened on the forearms. In addition, the jacket is reinforced with extra layers of protection on the chest, shoulders and elbows.


Now this version also includes mounting points for the PRO Set plastic shells that will allow you to upgrade your jacket to the PRO model in terms of protection.


This jacket has been tested and improved for many years, making it one of the most successful models for all European Historical Martial Arts practitioners.

Data sheet

Level 1 - 350N
2.5 kg

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