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CrossGuard ProGauntlet

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Version 1.4

The ProGauntlet is a revolution awaited by the whole HEMA Community, offering an unmatched ratio between safety and freedom of movement.


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Expected for many years by the entire AMHE community, the Pro Gauntlet is a real revolution in the field of protective equipment.


Any practitioner has already been faced with the dilemma of choosing between a highly protective glove that sacrifices handling, and a lightweight glove that favors freedom of movement but exposes it to hand injuries.

The ProGauntlet has been a project in development for many years during which the Crossguard team focused on designing the glove model that all practitioners dreamed of.


It is a real exoskeleton made of composite materials, designed to provide the best combination of protection and freedom of movement.


The ProGauntlet consists of a rigid, self-supporting plastic shell with interior padding specializing in shock absorption


Its unique design is a system of layered elements that closely mimic the movement of your hand without stretching or rubbing. Closing the hand or moving from one position to the other happens effortlessly and without resistance.

The cuff is made up of several elements that slide to allow great mobility of the wrist


The ProGauntlet is made from the strongest industrial grade materials and is produced with great attention to quality.

Knowing that the glove will be put to the test, it is supplied as standard with some spare parts that you can replace yourself if necessary, thus guaranteeing a long life for this exceptional product.

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