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"Kvetun Armoury" steel swords

Kvetun Armoury

Kvetun is one of the leading manufacturer for HEMA and reenactment in Russia. As fencer and reenactor for many years, they have started to produce their own protective gear that match high protective level and affordable price. All the products have been tested, improved and tested again before to be ready for selling. That is why you will always be amazed by the quality, lightness and resistance of their products. Since 2018, Kvetun and FAITS D'ARMES are in partnership to keep bringing the best products to the worldwide HEMA community.

Kvetun Armoury

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FFG Feder "Kvetun"

4 shades available for the handle

This Federschwert is a perfect tool for competition and regular training. It was forged in Russia by Kvetun Armory in collaboration with the Freifechter Guild (FFG) in order to obtain the optimal weapon for the practice of HEMA.

  • Leather covered handle
  • “Strong” blade suitable for competition 
  • Folded tip for more safety when thrusting
  • 1 year warranty

Spanish Rapier "Kvetun"

This Spanish type rapier with a cup hilt is incredibly light and well balanced. It was forged in Russia by Kvetun Armory, a master in the field.

  • Leather covered handle
  • Flexible Blade 
  • Rolled tip for more safety when thrusting
  • 1 year warranty
Price €290.83

Easton Sabre "Kvetun"

Model Easton MARK III

Available with backstrap

This typical Victorian-era military saber was designed on historical models to best reproduce the size, weight, and balance of period weapons. It is the culmination of a long process of development and testing by Matt Easton and Schola Gladiatoria.

  • Slightly curved blade (#2)
  • Leather handle
  •  Rolled tip for better safety
  • 1 year warranty
Price €332.50

Sidesword "Kvetun"

The ideal weapon for studying the Bolognese one-handed sword tradition.

This sword demanded all the mastery of Kvetun Armory, which took inspiration from the last works of the Bolognese fencing masters.

  • Leather covered handle
  • Rolled tip for more safety when thrusting
  • 1 year warranty

Price €270.83
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