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All Equipments and Accessories

Since HEMAs are not like other sports, there require specific equipment Here you will find everything you need to complete your HEMA gear, but also learning materials as well as maintenance and repair kit for your equipment.

All Equipments and Accessories

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Rubber blunt

Rubber cap useful to secure the tip of a weapon or the guard

  • Compatible with all our steel weapons tips as well as the quillons of the Black Fencer synthetic swords.
  • Inner diameter : 9 mm
Price €3.75

Sword and Shield

This DVD is the ideal starting point for your personal training with sword and buckler. It also provides useful insights and cutting edge research for the seasoned practitioner of Western martial arts.

  • Duration : 90 minutes
  • English version with subtitles
Price €24.17

Meyer Square Roll-up

An educational tool imagined by Joachim Meyer that allows you to work on your dexterity and cutting sequences from different angles.

Printed on a 2m high Roll-up, it is easy to carry and will follow you in all your training sessions


Design by: Matthieu Dutheil

Regular price €100.00 -20% Price €80.00
  • -20%

Rust eraser

This abrasive sanding stone is also called "Pimpstone" and makes it possible to remove rust from your weapons  very easily.

  • Effortless rust removal 
  • Suitable for weapons and armor pieces
  • Leaves no trace
  • Grain 120 (Medium)
Price €15.83

Mask upgrade 350N to 1600N

This extra charge will replaces the 350N mask in your pack with an FIE 1600N model

The 1600N mask is certified by the FIE at the highest resistance level. It will allow you to take part at international fencing and HEMA tournaments

1 upgrade bought = 1 mask upgraded

Price €58.33
  • New

Swing Sword "MBlades"

Turn your home into a training hall without destroying it. The Swing sword manufactured by Mblades is back with many improvements

New model with better balance

40cm blade length (feels like 100cm)

Removable guard for easy transport

Weight 1.8kg for a balance point à 54mm from the guard

Price €104.17
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